Healthy News You Need to Know

Healthy News You Need to Know

Tips for Mental Wellness

June 4th, 2024 in News

Continuing from our “Tips for Physical Wellness” post, it is time to discuss a few tips to focus on your mental wellness. Read More


Tips for Physical Wellness

May 15th, 2024 in News

With summer and warmer weather fast approaching, it’s the time of year to start thinking about your physical wellness. Whether that be changing your diet to include in season produce or getting more active to take advantage of the nicer weather. Read More


Common Cholesterol Myths

March 6th, 2024 in News

Read More


Healthy Goals for 2024

February 6th, 2024 in News

Read More


Weight Assessment and Counseling for Nutrition in Children/Adolescents

January 5th, 2024 in News

Read More


5 Easy Steps to Clean Hands

January 4th, 2024 in News

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Be Antibiotics Aware

December 5th, 2023 in News

“Be Antibiotics Aware” is a national movement started by the CDC to spread awareness about the overuse of antibiotic prescriptions and to help fight antibiotic resistance. Read More


2023 Member Survey Results

November 18th, 2023 in News

Cox HealthPlans (CHP) takes member satisfaction seriously, which is why we conduct a survey every year to seek feedback from our members on their health care experiences and satisfaction with our services. The annual member satisfaction survey for benefit plan year 2022 has been completed. Access to the survey was granted through randomized email invitations to eligible CHP adult health plan members. Read More


Vaccines for Children

November 18th, 2023 in News

When your child is up to date on their vaccines, they are protected against certain serious or potentially life-threatening diseases. For example, measles is highly contagious and can lead to very serious complications, but the disease can be prevented with the recommended MMR vaccination, which is short for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. Because of this vaccine, measles has been become much less common in the United States than in other parts of the world. Read More


Breast Cancer Awareness

October 16th, 2023 in News

October is breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. Every year one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States and 2.3 million worldwide. Read More


Annual Enrollment Period Is Coming Soon

October 5th, 2023 in News

The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is from October 15 – December 7 each year. Medicare health and drug plans can make changes each year such as cost, coverage, and which pharmacies and providers are in their networks. Read More


New CoxHealth Harrison Facility Now Open

September 28th, 2023 in News

Patients are now being seen at the new CoxHealth Harrison Clinic, which opened its doors on Monday, September 11th. Located at 1401 Highway 62 65 North in Harrison, Arkansas, the new clinic is on the second floor of the Medical Plaza building, which is shared with the North Arkansas Regional Medical Center. Read More


AAAHC Re-Accreditation Announcement

August 29th, 2023 in News

Cox HealthPlans (CHP) has completed its re-accreditation process with the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and has received another full 3-year accredited term. Read More


Staying Up to Date On Vaccines

August 29th, 2023 in News

More people with Medicare, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Advantage Plans can get protection against disease and severe illness by staying up to date with immunizations with no out of pocket costs. Read More


Did you know?

July 25th, 2023 in News

Cox HealthPlans and CoxHealth provide free programs and events for our members? Read More


Member Satisfaction Survey

July 13th, 2023 in News

To ensure that CoxHealth Plans is meeting the needs of our members, we will be sending out our annual Member Satisfaction Survey. We will be emailing the survey to members and look forward to receiving your feedback. If you need help completing the survey or have any questions, please contact Member Services at 417-269-2900. Read More


Staying Safe in the Summer

June 26th, 2023 in News

While we all look forward to having fun in the sun, people of all ages should be cautious of heat-related illnesses during the heat of summer. Read More


Men’s Health Week

June 8th, 2023 in News

Men’s Health Week is June 12-18, 2023. The goal of men’s health week is to increase the awareness of preventable health problems, urge men and boys to take charge of their overall health by implementing healthy living decisions and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. Read More


May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May 30th, 2023 in News

Protecting your skin from the sun can reduce your risk of developing skin cancer, sunburn, and premature skin aging. If you have had skin cancer, sun protection can reduce your risk of getting another skin cancer. Read More


May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month

May 12th, 2023 in News

High blood pressure or Hypertension is when your blood pressure, the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your blood vessels, is consistently too high. When left untreated, the damage that high blood pressure does to your circulatory system is a significant contributing factor for heart attack, stroke, heart failure, kidney disease, vision loss, and other health threats. Read More

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